My October/November Writing Goals

Writing went quite well for me in the first half of this month, as I was hoping and expecting! In October, I wrote 7635 words in total, spread across two manuscripts. In "The Glitch," I wrote 2380 words, and in "Fate's Advocate" I wrote 5255 words. My main goal, however, was to write 20 out of 31 days of the month (every day Monday through Thursday), and I'm happy to say I only missed two days. Of course, there are still two days left in the month, and I plan to take a break, so we can consider that missing four days.

While I have been working on "The Glitch" for the past couple of months almost exclusively, I have begun to see many problems with the manuscript. It started as a short story—which I adore and am in the process of submitting for publication—but the novel-length version has too many plot holes and consistency issues for me to handle right now. It is my belief that it is better to leave "The Glitch" as a short story, at least for now. Hopefully it will find a place to be published, as I think it's a respectable piece on its own. For now, I will not continue to flesh the story out into a novel-length piece.

"Fate's Advocate" is a novel I have been working on for ... years, to be honest. While I'm not sure it will ever find publication, I want more than anything to finish its final draft. The plot and characters have gone through many overhauls in the past few years, and no doubt I will have to adjust the current outline before it finds a plot progression that works. Part of my goal for November is to continue working on "Fate's Advocate," perhaps finishing the current iteration's draft. There isn't much left to go.

My main goal for November is to write a total of 10,000 words, and to continue to write every Monday through Thursday. Some of these words will be in "Fate's Advocate," but most, I presume, will be in a new project that I will start November 1st. While I have attempted NaNoWriMo in the past, 50,000 words in a month is not right for me. I find the motivation of the NaNo community to be extremely helpful, however, so November is often my most prolific writing month. Aside from my first year, many years ago, this may be as close to sticking to the rules of NaNo as I've come—obviously minus the word count—as I will be starting a new project from scratch on the 1st.

Honestly, I haven't done much planning of the plot of this new story. I have always wanted to write a story that takes place in the French Revolution, so I know my setting. It will have sci-fi/fantasy features (NOT time travel, as I've written too much of that lately, and not an alternate history), but I haven't refined those yet either. This will be a fun endeavor into the world of pantsing—a new experience for me, as I usually plan well ahead. Wish me luck!

Thank you for reading!