Books I Read This Month - June 2011

I'm supposed to be at the 50 book mark, since it's halfway through the year, and I'm trying to read 100 books in one year, but I'm a little bit behind at 46! I guess I have to read more in July...

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - Lewis Carroll
The cartoon movies and the one with Johnny Depp had plots. The book didn't. But it was fun anyway. A goofy classic adventure that will never get old. :)

Through the Looking Glass - Lewis Carroll
Same as first... :)

The Dispossessed - Ursula K. le Guin
Let's not go on a political rant here... This is science fiction, which I am not a fan of, as I said when I read one of her books last month, but the subject matter this author discusses in her books intrigues me extremely. 100 and some years ago, on the planet Urras, there was a revolution, and a group of people moved to the moon, Annares, to begin an anarchical society. Now, one man returns to the plant to learn about the society and try to make the people get along. I'm really into freedom and all that jazz, so I enjoyed this book. I would recommend it, even if you are totally against anarchy, because Ursula K. le Guin has a very interesting viewpoint on it. It makes you think.

The Green Mile - Stephen King
Stephen King is always good. This book had a distinct voice. It was fast-paced and thrilling. I kept getting deja vu as I read it, but then I realized I'd seen the movie a while back. Anyway, this is an amazing book. You should read it if you haven't already.

If on a winter's night a traveler - Italo Calvino
The tone is wonderful. I felt like the author was speaking right to me, even though I am a girl, and the 'you' in the story is obviously a male. It was written in second person, the writer speaking to the reader, and I think this book is a book that every writer must read. So get on that! :)

The Tent - Margaret Atwood
This is a book of little vignette essay type things, all connected thematically. I thought it was a very interesting idea, and the mini stories were very well written.

The Ethical Assassin - David Liss
This is the kind of book I would like to write: a funny thriller that's well written and has a strong message. It's about this kid who's selling encyclopedias to make money for college, but he is caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and ends up as an accessory to murder. I really liked this book.

Demons - Fyodor Dostoyevsky
When you're reading a book that is over 600 pages long, has dozens of characters, and has been translated from Russian to English, it can be pretty tricky to understand. But that's Fyodor Dostoyevsky for you. Of what I did understand, it was funny and clever, and I liked it. Typical Dostoyevsky, I suppose.

Peace, Aimee