Books Released This Month - September 2012

The Nostalgist by Mark Kratina
28 September 2012
An attorney suspends his legal career to run for the Nebraska senate. 

The Dangers of Proximal Alphabets by Kathleen Alcott
11 September 2012
Three children growing up in single-parent households become solid friends, but as they mature, their sibling-like bond begins to change. 

We Monks and Soldiers by Lutz Bassman
1 September 2012
Short stories
Translation from the French of short stories about the line between fantasy and reality in our darkest moments. 

Seven Houses in France by Bernardo Atxaga
4 September 2012
Literary Fiction
Calling on Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, this novel takes place in the Congo of  1903, where a captain's desire to own a new house each year he is abroad in interrupted by the arrival of a new officer.

As It Is on Earth by Peter M. Wheelwright
15 September 2012 
Literary Fiction
A young college professor in New England attempts to untangle the mess of his Puritan family history when he finds himself falling in love with an Israeli woman.  

With Blood in Their Eyes by Thomas Cobb
September 13 2012
True Crime/Western
From the author of Crazy Heart, this is the story of a John Power, of 1918 Arizona, and his engagement with the Graham County Sheriff Department after a violent shooting.