My August/September 2019 Writing Goals

Hello fellow writers!

The month of August was a bit of a roller coaster for me. I try really hard not to use unfortunate circumstances that come up as an excuse for not writing, but unexpected sad news at the start of the month and other stresses got in my way this time, for sure. Yes, just when I launched this blog, life prevented me from succeeding in my purpose of creating this blog. I was able write a bit; in fact, writing put me in a better mood on the days I was able to squeeze out more than a hundred words. Although this is the first update on this blog, I swear the low word count is a fluke and not my normal pace. It's just how life goes sometimes.

My goal for August was to finish the second chapter of my work in progress, "The Glitch," by writing and editing 5000 words. I wrote a total of only 1621 words in "The Glitch" in August, and I am nowhere near finishing the second chapter. Based on my outline, chapters two and three will be the longest (the outline shows it will be novella-length), so I'm guessing September won't see me finishing it either.

My other goal for August was to write an essay-type post for this blog. Based on my circumstances, I think it will be best for this blog to remain a writing- and reading-update blog only at this time. That may change in the future, but it is best for me not to pile too much on myself right now since life is piling things on me without taking my opinion into consideration.

Here are is my writing goal for September:

Write 5000 words in "The Glitch," in the second chapter and overflowing into the third if the second is finished within those 5000 words

Thank you for reading, my fellow wordsmiths, and keep writing!