IWSG - Time and Time Again

The semester has started—my last year before attaining my Bachelor's degree (yes, I'm that young). I am seriously looking forward to grad school, whether that be an MFA program or a regular Master's program in English. Depends on where I get in. But meanwhile, I write.

Except, during the semester, I have less time to write. How original. I feel like this is what most of my IWSG posts have been about during the semester. But this year, I am incorporating as much of my writing life into my studies, and as much of my studies into my writing life.

For instance, I have to write a thirty-page thesis paper about any topic I choose relating to literature. As three of my top twenty favorite books involve time travel, and one of the novels I am working on writing involves time travel, I have added to one of the contenders for my senior thesis to be the effect of time travel in contemporary fiction and its implications of the human condition. I'm pumped.

And meanwhile, I write.

Peace, Aimee

P.S. Read this amazingly comprehensive blog by author Sebastian Cole discussing step-by-step the process of writing, editing, querying, and publishing. I'd even go so far as to say that this should be every writer's go-to guide (though obviously there are some rules you can bend here and there depending on your situation).