IWSG - Short Stories and the Dreaded Grad School Application

There are certainly a number of writerly things to be insecure about, but I am suffering from one such ailment that plagues those in academia: grad school applications.

No, I have not gotten to the actual applying part of the process, but I'm in the picking of the schools to which I am going to apply process, which means looking at their admissions requirements. I am planning on going down either one of two paths, and will be applying to a few of each side of the divide: PhD in English Literature and MFA in Creative Writing. All are competitive programs. All have intimidating and successful alumni. And all require some form of a writing sample in the application. I am super confident with my essay, which has the potential to get me into a fairly decent PhD program. But my true love is fiction, and it seems that none of my short stories are good enough to qualify as an MFA application piece. I've been hammering away at my keyboard, perhaps even more than I usually do, to try to shape up at least two stories that can represent my best work so far.

...And that's all I can say about this matter, except that it feels like my entire life and future depends on two short stories. Which, in a way, it most certainly does. I just need a bit of writer fairy dust. Wish me luck!

Peace, Aimee