IWSG - Long Time No See

I have not, with the exception of posting two reviews, been active in the blogosphere for approximately two months. With full-time responsibilities at work, at school (working toward a degree), and at, I don't know, a social life, I simply have not had the time—not even half an hour to write a blog post or accept an addition book for review.

And yet, I do not, as I often do, feel disassociated from my writing. In fact, I feel closer to the characters, the words, and the atmosphere than ever before. While I do not have enough time to make significant progress on anything, I do feel that my passion is closer to my every day life than it has ever been before. Though I hardly have the opportunity to sit down and crank out a page or two on any given day, I do certainly feel like a writer—or that I'm inching closer to the writer lifestyle which has always been my goal.

So I wouldn't say I'm feeling insecure about my writing, though I am definitely feeling that tug, the yanking in my chest, my heart going "We need this. Get those hands on that keyboard or your life will be a waste." And I'm proud to say that I'm not scared anymore about not being able to achieve my goals. I can see a writing future for me ahead, even if it's not an amazingly successful one. As long as I'm writing—fame and fortune or not—then I'm living.

Peace, Aimee