IWSG: Finding the Words

I am currently reading Rollo May's book The Courage to Create, and in chapter two, "The Nature of Creativity," he discusses a case study of a person with a similar problem to mine. A writer suddenly developed a fantastic idea for a novel, outlined it, and got everything prepared for writing; essentially, he had the whole idea mapped out in his head. However, once he was finished mapping it out, he was suddenly sick of the idea and moved on to something else, never writing an actual novel. This is practically identical to my situation. However, May, as a psychologist, suggested that his problem was due to him seeking approval from his parents, achieving this (self-affirmed) approval in the having of the idea rather than the actual writing. Who knows what my problem is, but no matter, it is still frustrating and annoying.

My goal to finish the first draft of my manuscript by the end of this year still holds firm, and I am not planning on budging. I'm just going to have to power through. First drafts, though I hate knowing this, are always awful, and that's something I'm trying to accept about my own writing. My trouble is that I want it to be perfect on the first draft; if I can't find the perfect words, then no words get written. In order to actually finish a draft, I must write, no matter how bad it sounds; I'm going to have to edit later anyway. Will I ever learn?

I can't simply sit and wait for the words to come to me; I have to actively seek them out.

Peace, Aimee