18 Days to Peace

Guess what? There are less than three weeks until Peace Day 21 September 2012.

Remember I am hosting a blogfest on the day? It's quite simple: dedicate your blog post for the one day to expressing what peace means to you. Here is more information, plus the sign up sheet, used to keep track of who is participating so we can all enjoy your peace day post.

Also, I am hosting a book giveaway of Life of Pi by Yann Martel. Everyone who signs up for the blogfest will be put into the random drawing, and on 22 September, I will announce the winner.

And finally, this inspiring man, "The Peace Day Pilgrim," is walking across the British Isles to raise awareness of Peace Day. He started on 21 July and has been walking ever since. The road to peace is long, but the beauty at the end of it is well worth it. Along with walking and staying in welcoming homes across Ireland and the UK, he has also been updating twitter and posting videos of his journey. Here is his latest video. I hope he inspires you as much as he has inspired me.

Peace, Aimee