Blog Tag!

Ravena Guron tagged me! She has given me 11 very stimulating questions to answer. 

1. What did you want to be when you grew up? (If you ever grew up.) I have pretty much always wanted to be a writer, from the day I learned how. I did go through phases, of course. For a while I wanted to be a teacher, then a psychologist, then a pharmacist. I’ve always been really into science, but more speculative and theoretical stuff, not things I’d be able to make a career of without about 12 more years of school.

2. If you could marry any celebrity, who would it be? There are way too many. Martin Freeman? Benedict Cumberbatch? David Tennant? John Barrowman (if he weren’t gay)? Noel Fielding? Why, oh, why would you dare ask me a question like this? Now you’ll never get me back on track…

3. Do you think aliens are real? As a matter of fact, I rather do. Obviously there is no scientific proof whether they exist or not, though there is evidence of bacterial life on other planets, which has increased the chances of us finding intelligent life someday. I like the idea of aliens, and I think they are probably out there, but without concrete evidence I can’t say with conviction that “I believe aliens are real.” …Same thing with God really. …I have a firm idea of what I believe aliens would be like if they were real. If they were intelligent and had technology like space crafts to use to come visit us, I think the threat of them coming to destroy our planet is quite low. If they were really so much more highly developed than us technology-wise, then surely they would be more developed socially and culturally. Some theorists contemplate the idea of evolved aliens that use telekinesis and the like. Plus, if we exist, and we find some other alien form, perhaps there are thousands of species from different planets who are all in different places in the evolution spectrum. Perhaps one species is still in the Bronze Age while another on the other side of the universe has created a utopia on their planet. …I could go on and on. I’ve spent a lot more time than perhaps healthy thinking about extra-terrestrial life…
4. What season (Summer, Winter, Autumn or Spring) do you like the best? Why? Spring. First time seeing the sun in a long time is a beautiful thing.  

5. What sort of books do you read? Mostly literary fiction. But I like a little crime and sci-fi and paranormal every so often. Not a fan of fantasy or romance much though.
6. What is your favourite book? Why? It’s a tie between Life of Pi by Yann Martel and Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad because they are both so honest about the answers to deep questions in life.
7. Why did you start blogging? Not so much to have my voice heard but simply to express my opinions, whether they reach ears (or eyes) or not. To create is to live. That’s why I started, but my purpose has shifted over the course of my blogging career. Now I blog to connect readers to good books so they can learn more about the world and about other people. Books have a great knack of creating a stronger sense of empathy in readers.
8. If I gave you a million pounds right now, what would you spend it on? (Assuming I'd already given two million pounds to charity.) Maybe it’s cliché, but I would love to travel the world. I am only going to be on this planet for a few decades, so I may as well see as much of it as I can. So far I’ve been absolutely nowhere. The farthest I’ve been from my hometown in Michigan is Tennessee where I visited family, and Quebec, where, once again, I visited family, so there wasn’t much sightseeing going on. I really want to tour the UK and Europe and South America, to see historical sights and become more cultured and wise. …Also charity.
9. What is your favourite TV programme? Why? Doctor Who! Can’t get enough. I LOVE time travel. Also, LOST is still my favourite television series of all time. I’m still obsessed with it even though it’s been off the air for over four years. Seriously, that show changed my life.
10. If you gave birth to twins, would you give them rhyming names? Why? No. Twins are two individuals, not some opportunity for parents to get all silly and creepy.
11. If you could, would you go back in time and be seventeen again? No way in hell.