For the Love of Books Part Three

I am one of those people who can’t stop reading a book in the middle, even if I’m having a hard time getting through it. I feel bad if I don’t finish. I also must read every single book in a series if I start; I can't just read the first one. If only my writing process was more like that.

That said, there are only three books I have been unable to continue reading. And each has its own reason.

The first is Ramona and Her Mother by Beverly Cleary. I read this as a child, obviously, and when I arrived at the scene where she squirts an entire tube of toothpaste down the sink, I was so disgusted and appalled by the amount of valuable product she wasted that I could not bear to continue reading.

The second, I cannot remember the title. It was a young adult book about a girl who is babysitting, and when the children go to sleep, the house is broken into by a serial killer. It just so happened that I was babysitting while reading this book, so, for obvious reasons, I had to put it away.

Now the third and final book I could not finish for more sophisticated reasons. I will not name the book here so as not to besmirch its reputation because it was probably the most disappointing book have read, or at least started to read. The problem may have been that I saw the film version of the book before reading it, and I absolutely ADORED the movie and therefore had too high expectations. One of the more poignant scenes of the film was dragged on in the book for approximately 50 pages. I was positively bored to death. At over 500 pages long and prompting an only 90 minute film, I was unable to drag myself through the second half of the book.

There have been books that I began, put down, and finally returned to reading after a while, but these three, I feel I will never finish.

Is there any aspect of a book that repulses you and makes you put it down and stop reading?

Peace, Aimee