New Service! Manuscript Critiques!

As of today, I am offering an editing service for unpublished manuscripts, for a fee. This service is perfect for writers who need a thorough edit before querying agents or publishers, or for writers who are planning on self-publishing their book.

In our changing publishing world, the quality of self-published books and books published by small presses is more important than ever. For a self-published novel to succeed, it must meet the standards of novels published by established presses. I believe whole-heartedly that self-published authors have the ability to reach the same level of success as traditional authors—as long as their manuscript is up to par.

This service includes a thorough line-edit, focusing on grammar, punctuation, spelling, tense, and correct word usage, as well as an in-depth overview of character development, setting, plot, and thematic and literary aspects. 

I have experience, and am currently, working in the publishing industry, I have been trained in using the correct copyediting marks, and I have extensive education in grammar and punctuation. I have critiqued numerous novels, short stories, book reviews, and articles.

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Thank you!

Peace, Aimee