For the Love of Books Part 1

Our favorite books change our lives and make us who we are. But what makes our favorite books our favorites? Why do we love the books we love?

My top three favorite books of all time are probably Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, Life of Pi by Yann Martel, and The Time Traveler Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. At first glance, they appear to have nothing in common, but a closer reveals that the main character, a relatively optimistic bystander, must venture into unknown territory, search for the reason why they are faced with immensely powerful evil adversaries, and come out on the other side with the belief that love can overcome all evils. Obviously they each do this is strikingly different ways and differ in their approach to the definition of “love,” but that is the main connection I have found between my favorite books.

What about you? Why do you love the books you love? Is it the characters? The adventure or plot twists or action? Or is it the message portrayed?

Peace, Aimee