Peace Day Blogfest 2012 Pep Rally

LastSeptember, I hosted the Peace Day Blogfest to celebrate International Peace Day, 21 September. This year I am hosting the Second Annual Peace Day Blogfest, but with a simpler format (only one day instead of three) and with more activities to both promote the blogfest and the day, and to encourage peaceful action and thinking.

On 21 June 2012, I will officially announce the Second Annual Peace Day Blogfest and post the sign-up sheet and instructions. In addition to the blogfest, I will be hosting Peace Activities on the 21st of each month leading up to the day, except for the 21st of June’s activity, which will begin on the 22nd of June because the blogfest announcement obviously takes precedence.

So here is the tentative schedule:

June 21 – announce Peace Day Blogfest 2012
June 22 – Peace Activity #1
July 21 – Peace Activity #2
August 21 – Peace Activity #3
September 21 – Peace Day Blogfest

Stayed tuned for the announcement! 

Here is the TED talk by Jeremy Gilley, founder of the Peace One Day organization that instated the day. 

Here is the Peace One Day website where you can find all the information you need to know about the day and how it was instated. 

Peace, Aimee