Quo Vadis

When I arrived at the letter Q during the A to Z Challenge in April, I realized I had never read a book what started with the letter Q, unless I cheat and count Don Quixote. (Note: I did cheat in this way for other book posts, but I promise I'd read books that started with those letters; I just had to pick a different one so as not to duplicate authors, which was one of my self-inflicted stipulations.) So as promised, here is my book for the letter Q! Quo Vadis by Henryk Sienkiewicz.

When Christianity first breached Roman society in roughly 50 AD, there was a lot of conflict and tension as Romans resisted transforming their gluttonous, pleasure-driven culture. In Quo Vadis, a Roman centurion falls in love with a Christian girl during the time of Cesar and Nero. This historical novel illustrates the changing society of the time. I would highly recommend this book to those interested in the history of Christianity, as well as Roman and Greek history and mythology. The characters are very well developed and passionate. Though it is quite long, as well as translated from Polish in the late 1800s, it is a surprisingly easy read, not dense as many novels from that era are, and especially for the genre.

The book that starts with the letter X is soon(ish) to come!

Peace, Aimee