A to Z Reflections

The A to Z Challenge was very good for me. When it comes to things that are not necessary for me to do, not responsibilities, I tend to procrastinate. This blog I would place in that category. Participating in the A to Z Challenge helped me to keep on top of my blog for a whole month, and I've decided to start blogging more regularly.

The cons? Deciding what to post about each day. My theme was books, and I realized I had never read anything that started with the letters Q or X, so I had no choice but to put off posting about these letters until I had.

The reasons people have a blog vary, though most are either to keep in touch with friends by telling them events that have happened in their lives, or for writers it is publicity or sharing writing tips. Blogging every day for a month has helped me realize that I want more meaning in my life, and blogging more to share my insights and what is important to me is a step in the right direction.

Peace, Aimee