One More Day, and Two More Months

As a reminder, there is one more day to submit to the Creepy-Crawly Writing Contest. (Details here.) I would absolutely love to read your creepy-crawly story, even if you don't absolutely love it yourself. If I do not receive enough submissions by tomorrow, however, there may not even be a winner, so please, please send me your submission. First prize gets a 2000 word critique of their manuscript. That's almost ten pages! Can't miss out on an opportunity like that...

And, the A to Z Blogging Challenge is happening again in April this year. (Details here.) I was unable to participate last year, but this year I am planning to partake. I have decided that I will post a review of my favorite books every day, one book a day in April, each book beginning with a letter from the alphabet, as per the blogging challenge rules. Are you planning on participating?

Peace, Aimee