How 2011 Fared for Me

My goals at the beginning of this year were thus:

1. Get a part time job.
2. Complete Associate’s Degree.
3. Begin semi-structured exercise routine.
4. Read 100 books.
5. Finish writing my novel.

How did I do?

1. Success! I got a part time job as an intern for a magazine that does indie-published book reviews, which I really enjoy. I have learned a ton about the publishing industry, most significantly the marketing aspects. It has secured my desire to pursue a career as a book editor.
2. Success! I have completed all the necessary credits. Next up? Get a Bachelor’s Degree. Ha. Wish me luck.
3. Success! I have been doing yoga for quite a while, but this year I really started getting a routine going. A routine to improve my health has in fact improved my health. Yoga is wonderful, both physically and mentally. I highly recommend it to anyone who is having trouble fitting exercise into their busy schedule.
4. Success! I read 117 books this year!
5. …not success. But I’m getting there. Still writing, writing, writing. I’ll make finishing my novel my goal for 2012. How about that?

So what were your goals for 2011? Did you reach them?

Peace, Aimee