The Giving Spirit

During Christmastime, people tend to become more generous. While I believe that one should not have to be in the Christmas spirit in order to do something nice for someone, I think it’s wonderful anyway that people can connect to one another through the love of Christmas (despite religion; many people are not religious but still celebrate the holiday as a tradition). There are many charitable events going to in this month of December, all over the country and around the world. Here, I will list a few (some have incentives) for you, and I hope that you may feel uplifted by the spirit of the holidays and inspired by the kindness of others. I am definitely going to participate to the best of my ability, and I hope you do too!

Amnesty International, one of the most prominent non-governmental organizations, is hosting the Write for Rights campaign December 3-11, in which people write letters to government representatives and individuals concerning the civil rights of people trapped in unfortunate and unjust situations. Here is the link for more information.

Comedians Russell Brand and Sarah Silverman are offering a free stand-up event on December 11 called the Love Exchange. If you like their comedy, you can see them preform at no monetary cost to you! The way to snag a ticket is to donate two hours of your time to any of the participating charities. Here is the link for more information.

A group of bloggers are hosting a blog event called The Bah Humbug Blahgfest, in which they are giving away various prizes, including Amazon gift cards. Just sign up with a comment on their post and there will be a random drawing for the winners. How generous! Here is the link for more information.

You don’t have to be in the Holiday Spirit to be in the Giving Spirit!

Peace, Aimee