Dinosaur Writing Contest!

With our dinosaur theme for this month, the writing challenge should be dino-mite!

In 1000 words or less (there’s no minimum length) write something (flash fiction, a poem, anything!) about a person (any age) lost in the woods who stumbles upon something rather dinosaur-ish (egg, fossil, actual dinosaur, whatever!). This is fairly open-ended, encouraging your creativity!

Please send your submissions to by Sunday 23 October 2011. I will announce the winner(s) on Wednesday 26 October 2011 and will post my own dinosaur story the next day.

The winner(s) will have their story/poem/whatever posted on my blog on the 26th, and they will also receive a 2000 word critique of their manuscript (or whatever they want critiqued) by me! I’m totally qualified, don’t worry. :)

Good luck, and I can’t wait to read your submissions!

Peace, Aimee