Peace Through Art

Here is a picture I drew (in my childish hand) that shows the connection between humans, revealing how peace is not just possible but it's also necessary.

And here is a poem I wrote entitled "Infant Dreams." It sounds a bit dystopian, but it how I see the world (in particular America) in it's present condition. It reveals how a culture can shape a mind into thinking a certain way, in this case, shaping an innocent child with so much potential into a soldier, who fights for his country even if he does not honestly believe in what he's fighting for. If we focus on peace, however, I think we can change this and make the world a better place for the children of the future. Note: I'm not trying to be politically controversial here, so don't mention that, please... :)

Infant Dreams

What child is this who cries in such a sing-song way,

as if the knowledge of life's true intention is perched upon its lips,

as if Jack Kerouac's ghost sits on its shoulder whispering "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want."

But staying in a place once delicate but now a hardened soul appeals to no one,

the world kidnapping and brainwashing its fragile infant mind.

What soldier is this who huddles in the darkness,

snuggles close to his fellow sqaudron brother as the rockets fire in the distance;

the cursed concept that dragged them from their mothers' arms

nags and snaps and bites at their hearts and their wallets.

Something sinister slithers and sneaks its way into a child's brains,

driving out the precious infant dreams

and replacing them with American nightmares.