That Old Experiment?

If you may recall from the middle of August, I took a week long vacation and called it an experiment. But it's been a while since then, so I guess it's about time I elaborate on what I meant by 'experiment.'

I tried for a week not to look at my blog, not to even click on the page, because I was getting a bit overwhelmed by everything going on in my life, and my blog was one of the first things I thought I could handle cutting out to remove stress. But I couldn't help myself. Blogging, reading other peoples' blogs, and stuff like that has become part of my life. Like I said, constant output, since I'm doing this just for fun and there's really nothing in it for me, is kind of difficult. It's pressure placed upon me by myself, but it's pressure nonetheless. But I don't think I could shut down this blog, so I've decided to make some changes to it.

September is just about the busiest month for me, in my real life, my digital life, and my writing life. I have something planned for almost every day on this blog for this month, including the Peace Blogfest, which I'm super excited for! However, October is practically empty, which worried me at first until I officially decided to change things up around here.

Instead of a regular blog, posting article-type things three days a week like normal bloggers do, I've decided to make my blog more interactive. I've started up that Blog Book Club, which I hope more people will join, and I've done a couple contests. There are more things in store for followers to participate in, and October will be the trial month in which I see if my idea will actually work.

That's all for now, but I will be keeping you updated on the changes as I organize everything!

Have a nice weekend!

Peace, Aimee

P.S. I will be posting the list of the Peace Blogfest participants on Monday, so sign up this weekend to get your blog on the list! Thanks so much to those who are participating! You have no idea how much it means to me that people out there are supporting and spreading the word about world peace! Thank you!