My Self-made Book Covers

Aleeza recently posted her self-made book covers, and since I had been thinking of doing a blog post about that, I guess I'll do it now!

This is a fun procrastination technique. If you are stuck in writing or just don't feel like it, and you make yourself a book cover just for fun, it puts the image in your mind of what your book might look like when it's finished, therefore motivating you to go work on it.

Here are some of my self-made book covers!

Fate's Advocate - This is literary fiction with science fiction and romance elements. It's about a lifeguard, as you can see from the cover. It's kind of plain, but I really like it. This story is very difficult to write, as it involves time travel (ooooooh, I know what you're thinking: a time traveling lifeguard! how exciting and sexy! but actually... it's a sad story).

I love this cover. And I love this title. And I love the story. It's about a young woman whose husband dies in a car accident, and she starts seeing his ghost. But she is a cynical skeptic, a doctor and an atheist. I looooooove this story so much, but it's really depressing.

I LOVE this title! I've been fighting with myself over which story it should belong to. It fits perfectly with the short story/novella thing I wrote that I absolutely love, but right now it belongs to a story I find very promising, if, you know, I could ever figure out what the plot is. I really started it out off the seat of my pants, and I love what I have so far. You can read the first chapter here.

And finally, Patronizing Patrick, a story that has been bouncing back and forth between my in the works file and my trash pile. It's supposed to be humor, but it's not very funny. I've been thinking about writing it as a screenplay, which would be a romantic comedy, and that has actually been kind of easier than writing it as a novel. It's about this woman Carolyn, who doesn't really believe in love. She's a total cynic, but everyone around her, (especially her two younger brothers) is ambitious and determined to get what they want, even if it means risking their jobs, their relationships, and even their lives. Carolyn tries to stop them before they do something crazy...

I hoped you liked my self-made book covers! I'd love to see the ones you've made while you were procrastinating!

Peace, Aimee