L'anniversaire de la Victoire du Bien Sur le Mal

Feel free not read this post if you don't want to. I'm only a crazed fan unhealthily obsessed with a television show that's not even on the air any more. In fact, today is the anniversary of the series finale of this show. This show, this epic phenomenon is...

...drum roll please...


Shut up.

Maybe you've heard of it (plus I've posted about it here and here and here's a poem I wrote about it). You've probably heard of that show that no one could figure out. Maybe you even watched the first episode when it aired. You know, the one with a plane crash and polar bears on a tropical island and that fat guy and the hatch thing with the button and time travel and that crazy French lady and a giant smoke monster that eats people.

But really, the show was about, well, the meaning of life. I know what you're thinking: shut up and stop trying to be profound. But seriously. The show was about this: everybody dies, and all those unanswered questions and stupid things you said or did or rules you followed, none of that, and I mean none, has any purpose whatsoever, except for love. All you need is love. The end.

There are a billion videos I would like to show to you. But I had to convince myself to only post two because I knew that if I didn't limit myself, I would end up posting a ton of stuff that wouldn't make any sense to anyone unless they'd seen the show. So I have for you the first scene of the show that aired on 22 September of 2004, and the last scene that aired on 23 May 2011.

The beginning...

The end... (sorry it's backwards)

Namaste, and good luck.

Peace, Aimee