My Character Story: Amnesia

Here is my little thing about the two characters, Gabriel and Charles. It is in the format of a screenplay because it is mostly dialogue. Enjoy!

Also, please ignore the blatant LOST quotes.


A priest, Gabriel, is standing in a hospital hallway outside a room. He wears the classic priest attire, black jacket with white collar showing at his neck. He hesitates before entering the room. His brother, Charles, lays awake in the hospital bed. Flowers and balloons labeled "Get Well Soon!" surround him. Charles' eyebrows furrow when he sees Gabriel, as if he doesn't know him. When he notices Gabriel's clothing, his expression grows irritated.

Charles: So they've sent me a priest now? I don't need this. Get out!

Gabriel: Wow, they were right. You really did lose your memory.

Charles sits down in the chair beside the bed. An anxious sweat beads at his brow.

Charles: I remember that I was a doctor. Not much else, though. I wish I could remember. I need to remember. But I don't need a priest in order to do it!

Gabriel: You really don't remember me? You can't recognize your own brother?

Charles: Brother? I didn't even know I had a brother. Are you serious?

Gabriel: Yes I am serious. I'm Gabriel, your little brother. You are two years older than me. We went through foster care together, but we are flesh and blood. Brothers.

Charles sits up abruptly, which hurts his head. He winces in pain. Gabriel leans forward toward his brother to let him know he is there for him.

Charles: Foster care? What happened to our parents?

Gabriel's eyes widen.

Gabriel: Oh no, I shouldn't have said that.

Charles: Why not? Tell me what happened. I can't remember and I need to!

Gabriel is frightened at first, unsure of what he should say, but then he relaxes.

Gabriel: No, you don't need to remember. We've always had this problem. You always needed to know everything. What's inside the human brain? Why does a heart beat? How can we fix everything wrong with these people?

Gabriel sighs.

Gabriel: Why have you always found it so hard to just have a little faith?

Charles: Why do you find it so easy?!

Gabriel: It hasn't been easy! Why can't you just trust me? Why don't you just let it go?

The door to the hospital room opens and a nurse walks in, holding a tray of food for Charles. She is shocked to see the brothers appearing so angry. Gabriel turns to face her.

Nurse: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt.

Charles: No, it's okay. I'm just talking to my brother here, arguing more like. We just seem to have had a disagreement. Apparently it's always been this way.

Nurse: Oh, do you remember?

Gabriel begins to correct the nurse, but she starts rambling on excitedly while setting the tray at the foot of the bed.

Nurse: I can't believe it! The psychologist said yesterday that you may never remember anything, even though you've remembered how to practice medicine. She said you would probably never remember your brother and your childhood. I can't believe this! Welcome back, Charles!

Charles: I don't think you understand.

Nurse: Oh, I'm so sorry I sound so excited about it all. I know you hate talking about the fire, sir. Oh, Charles, I'm sorry for being happy about it.

Charles' face morphs from anger to fear in a matter of seconds. He takes in a shaky gasp. Gabriel whips his head around to face him.

Charles: No. No, no, no.

Charles lays back in the bed, placing his hands over his eyes to hide his tears.

Gabriel: Charles? What... are you...?

Charles: The fire... the... the fire...

Gabriel places a hand on his brother's arm to comfort him but he pushes it away.

Nurse: I... I'm so sorry... Did I, did I make him remember?

Gabriel nods slowly, his face empathetic, though, rather than angry. The nurse backs out of the room. Gabriel kneels at his devastated brother's bedside and gently shushes him.

Gabriel: I'm sorry, Charles.

Charles: You're right, Gabriel. I should have believed you. I should have just let it go.

The End

Peace, Aimee