Why Write?

My sister recently won an award for a creative non-fiction piece and had to submit 100 words or less to our local newspaper to the prompt: why do you write? She came running to me (I was so flattered) begging me to help her answer this question, and then I (all jealous because I've never won anything for writing, and she never ever writes anything, but this was probably sibling rivalry more than writer's envy) asked her, well, why do you write?

And I started to think. Hmmm. Why do I write?

I kind of discussed it a little bit in my post a couple weeks ago, called Do You Have A Muse? but there's more to it. Perhaps I am risking my dignity here by sounding all new-agey, but here is why I write:

I write to reveal the contents of my soul and the soul of all human beings. They are like genies in bottles, yearning for a conduit to express their true nature. Everyone has something they love. Some people love sports. Some people love painting. Some people love children. When we are around the things we love or do the things we love to do, we are letting this genie out of its bottle, letting the transcendent magic out into the world, making the world a better place. If we can find the thing that we can use to reveal the truth of human existence, then anything can happen.

Why do you write? How do you express yourself?

On a completely different note, today is the last day for my character contest. It hasn't been a successful contest, so I'm ending it now to avoid embarrassment. Details are here.

But off the record, I'll still be accepting submissions until my post on Friday. On the record, the contest is closed, but off the record, I want you guys to have my little voice in your head going 'please, submissions, friends, send it to me at before Friday 29 April 2011, I'll take anything, anything I tell you!'

But seriously, the contest is closed. (wink)

Peace, Aimee