Character Contest!

Hello everyone! Character is the most important part of any story, don't you think? Because I think character is the most important part of any story, I've decided to do a little contest about character just for fun. I will describe two characters and you shall write 1000 words or less and email it to me at by 22 April 2011. That's next Friday, folks.

It can be anything: flash fiction, a poem, a short screenplay, stream of consciousness, whatever — hey, draw a picture! they are after all worth a thousand words! — as long as it is 1000 words or less and revolves around the two characters I will describe to you after these brief messages...

I will announce the winner(s) on the following Monday, 25 April 2011 and on the 27th I will post my own little character-oriented story. The winner(s) (the number of winners depends on the number of contestants and/or how good the stories are) will be rewarded for their artistry of character by having their little story posted on this here blog on the 25th, if they want it here anyway. They should probably get something else, too, like a 1000 word detailed critique from me, not the thing they wrote for this contest, but like a piece of their WIP or something along those lines. In addition to this, the winners will also receive via synapses in their brain the gratification of knowing that they are very good at developing interesting characters in such a small amount of space and creating an intriguing story that is driven by those characters and the conflicts between them. I know that is a prize I would love to receive!

There will be consolation prizes too. I will respond to everyone's email with a little blurb about what I think of your submission. Just a paragraph probably unless I am so intrigued that I ramble on and on, which happens to me sometimes. Everyone who submits something will get this, including the winners. I'll tell you what I like about it, I'll give constructive criticism, and maybe I'll ask a question or two if I have any. I know this is such a small snippet, not enough to portray your true skills in writing, but I hope you'll find my comments helpful and encouraging. :)

Anyway. Here are the characters you must convey in your 1000 words (or your picture worth a thousand words). Two brothers, Gabriel and Charles, both very headstrong and determined. Gabriel is a man of faith, you know, like the angel Gabriel, and Charles is a man of science, like Charles Darwin.

It's pretty vague; there are many ways you can take this. I've very curious to see what you guys do!

This is meant to be a character development exercise, so the plot and stuff is all up to you, as long as the characters stay true to their personalities, like any good character in fiction should!

Tweet about it! Mention it in your blog! Follow me! Etcetera! In no way will these things influence me in picking a winner, but I do very much, as an egotistical human blogger, appreciate propaganda promoting me!

Send me 1000 words or less to by Friday 22 April 2011. Make the email headline CHARACTER CONTEST plus your name (but don't worry, it's anonymous, though I'm not biased as I love everybody equally). If you have a blog, please include a link to it, and I'll link to you if you win! :)

Good luck and have fun!

Peace, Aimee