Do You Have A Muse?

What inspires you?

Is it your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/someone you admire from afar? Is it someone or something you hate rather than love? Is it political, theological, mental? Is it the universe? The earth? The sea?

For me it is the connections between all living things and the oppression that we suffer through by those who believe we need governing and cannot handle ourselves in this beautiful and peaceful world we live in. It is the spiritual being inside each and everyone of us that experiences love and is connected to every soul and the universe as a whole, a transcendent, infinite entity shedding the light of love upon our transient, superficial, violent society perpetuated by the materialistic aspects, the violence and prejudice, and the self-absorbed nature of human beings. It is equality, redemption, peace, selflessness, and love.

What inspires you?

Peace, Aimee