If I haven't already, today I shall talk about voice.

Lately I've had this problem where my ideas are great, but then I write about 3 thousand words and the rest goes down the drain, so I start on something new. This has happened to me three times in the past month. However, my latest WIP (yet untitled humor/literary fiction) might just make it. Though I may have just jinxed it... But anyway, this latest story has the best, most developed voice of anything I've written so far in my writing career (if I can call this a career). I don't want to go on about the details, but the story is narrated in first person by a wealthy, egotistical man in turn of the century (1899-1900) England. I've never had so much fun writing a story as I have writing this. This man speaks so eloquently and his vocabulary is enormous. It's been a journey trying to stay consistent in voice throughout the (cough, cough) 3 thousand words I have written so far. To give you an idea, my inspiration for this story came from this YouTube video. I saw this video (because I have a very thorough and perhaps unhealthy obsession with Russell Brand at the moment) and wanted to achieve the spontaneity of language that he has, along with the elaborate and eloquent nature of it. Thus my character was born. And he will probably die very soon.

But despite my short attention span, I have really developed voice in my writing. I have learned one major thing. The voice, while the writer's personality obviously plays a big part, is mostly determined by each individual character. This is especially important when writing in the first person.

What do you guys think about voice? How important is it in writing a story? How do you stay consistent throughout the entire novel?

Peace, Aimee