What's It All About Alfie?

I am currently reading Ayn Rand's The Art of Fiction, which I checked out from the library but then purchased because it was so good. In only the first two chapters, many intriguing things were brought to my attention. Today and Friday this week are going to be devoted to a discussion of these topics, and they may even leak into next week. That's how good this book is.

Today I ask a simple question, or rather two simple questions. What is writing? What is art?

Ayn Rand says that writing is using language to convey a meaning, the theme. And she says that art is a form of communication. That pretty much puts it right out there for me. Writing is art. I am an artist. I use language to get my point across.

Now to get your point across, you actually need some vocabulary, a very unappealing and tedious topic, in my opinion. You have to know words in order to write words, duh! Words are to a writer as paint is to a painter. If you have a wide vocabulary at your fingertips, you can reach into your brain and carefully choose the perfect word to portray your idea. This is something I've been working on lately, rounding out my vocab. That's what all those seemingly pointless vocabulary quizzes in school were for.

So what do you think? Have you read Ayn Rand's The Art of Fiction?

Peace, Aimee