I was going to post today about Ayn Rand's wonderful book, The Art of Fiction, but then I remembered it was Valentine's Day, and I had to give you this message.

I encourage to not buy your loved ones chocolates or flowers or things they don't need, perpetuating the system that idolizes material success and promotes a lust for wealth and power rather than a love for humanity as a whole, but instead I encourage you to show your love to your significant other by making a nice home cooked meal or giving an extra special, attentive tumble in that room down the hall, or if you are single, as I am, do not sulk but show your love for humanity by being nice to your fellow man, holding doors open, flashing smiles, giving compliments, and helping people when they are hurt. These acts of kindness last much longer than those transient candies that melt away in your mouth or those flowers that wither and die after only a few days.

Thank you, you wonderful followers, you! Happy Valentine's Day! I love you all!

Peace, Aimee