All That Jazz

Finding things to write about is something I have trouble with often, mostly because I'm pretty much still a kid, living in the lower-middle class in a very peaceful town. Honestly, I haven't had a very interesting life so far. I'm hoping that will change, and I know how I can lead a satisfactory life, so I'm not worried about it very much. My life is boring, which sucks for now, since I've already lived about a quarter of it. I'm having somewhat of a quarter life crisis. If you can tell me which artist and which song this is from, I will love you forever.

"They" say to write what you know. This is a problem for me because I don't know very much. The world is a big, complicated place, and I've only been to like 1% of it, if that. I've never held a job besides babysitting, I've never done any hard drugs or had a serious relationship, and I've never been to foreign country besides Canada, which isn't all that foreign, since I really only live about 100 miles from the border. I'm kind of too lazy to do a lot of research. Maybe I look up what places look like, and I've learned a bit about other religions and politics, but not much else. I try to write about people of other races and religions because I believe in world peace and respecting everyone. It goes with the themes I write about: love and peace and all that jazz.

So my question to you is how much of your writing comes from life experience? Do you "write what you know" or do you do research or just make it all up?

Peace, Aimee