Poem: Redemption

I kind of lied to you, and to myself, when I said in my LOST post that I was getting all of my obsession out there and would try not to post about LOST again, to avoid boring you (even though it's not boring) or making you think I'm a crazy obsessed fan in denial that the show is no longer on the air (even though I am). I also said on Wednesday that I was going to talk about The Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad eventually, and I wrote a really great essay about it for an English class, comparing it to LOST, and I am planning on sharing that with you probably next Saturday and somewhat of a transition between stories and posts (more for me than for you) as it is something I've written before; so that proves to you even more that I lied about never posting about LOST again. Sorry. And to sum up this tangent and to tell you what the heck it was all about, the poem I am sharing with you today, titled Redemption (formerly Jack's Redemption) is, again, about LOST. But it makes complete sense to those who have not seen the show, which is the reason why I shortened the title. The allusion to Jack was kind of confusing to people who read it.

Okay. Sorry about that little tangent there. Here it is. Enjoy.

P.S. I love the rhyme scheme of this. Just wanted to point it out to you, just in case you didn't notice how cool it is. But I'm not going to bore you with an explanation of syntax and why I chose it (it's all about cycles and light vs. dark and okay I'll shut up now). Once again, enjoy.

Peace, Aimee


He spread his wings though it wasn't his intent
The ground below looked ominous and dark
He held his breath and began his descent

Those who came before him had left their mark
And it was hard for him to see that he was not there alone
Their whispers from the trees gave him a quest to embark

He was given a chance his mistakes to atone
He fought through it all, avoiding their lament
He found the light in the darkness and he uncovered the unknown