The Package

I would like to share with you a piece that I wrote in a creative writing class last year. Each sentence begins with a letter of the alphabet, in alphabetical order, so, obviously, it has twenty-six sentences. Enjoy!

The Package

After his face off with Lowry, James was rattled and believed that it was entirely his fault. But even before the incident, he knew that something sinister was looming.

Cruising around in his Camaro, the cliche wind blowing through his cliche surfer hair, curious James, both his hands still firmly on the wheel, snuck a glance into the leather bag on the passenger seat. Daisies sprouting along the side of the road glared at him, warning him not to let his curiosity grip him any more than it already had. Even the puffy white clouds in the sky, cheerful and innocent, stared him down, less naive than that inquisitive young man. Feeling the hot rays of the sun on his back, James ripped his eyes away from the package and forced them to watch the road. Gravely, his curiosity ate away at him. His eyes darted back and forth between the bag and road. Inside that bag, he imagined, could be anything: money, a secret message, a bomb. James shuttered at the thought. Kicking himself for accepting the mission, James began to sweat. Lowry was definitely the type of man who would want to transport bombs. Men of his stature always had sinister plots churning away in their minds. Never would James have taken this mysterious package from Lowry, at least not before the tricky man had blackmailed him.

On the dirt road now, James wished he had driven his truck. Pelting rocks, he worried as dust swarmed his nose, could ruin the new red coat of paint on his Camaro. Quickly, the road narrowed into a bumpy track, like a twisting hiking trail through a dark forest. Red and orange flowers and possibly poisonous berries engulfed his car, and the towering trees loomed over him. Swallowing the nervous glob that had formed in his throat, James gave up. The curiosity had killed the cat, and he killed the engine, stopping in the middle of the unpaved road. Unbuckling his seat belt, he leaned over and peeked inside the bag. Venomous shock overtook him, and he tucked the malicious object back into the bag and slammed the accelerator, hoping to finish this chore quickly and quietly so he would never have to deal with Lowry again.

When he saw Lowry standing on the side of the road, where he said he would be, James was overcome with fear.

X-ray eyes that Lowry character had.

"You opened it, didn't you? Zero chance you're getting out of this one unscathed."