Peace Activity #3

The previous two peace activities were signing up for the blogfest to be put into a drawing for a copy of the book Life of Pi by Yann Martel and writing a poem to be posted on my blog during the month of September. These two activities are on-going, and I definitely need more submissions for poetry!

The third and final activity before Peace Day has more to do with the community.

Firstly, the blog community! 

At the end of this post I have provided a list of links to the bloggers who have signed up to participate in the blogfest. I will add to the list as more people sign up. To support the blogging community and Peace Day, you can follow your fellow Peace Blogfest bloggers and comment on their blogfest post when 21 September rolls around.

Even if you are not participating in the blogfest, you can still grab the code for the badge below and place it on your blog to help spread the word!

Secondly, your own community!

I have uploaded below a poster I created to help spread the word about Peace Day. Now, you may ask, what should you do with it?

1. Download it.
2. Print off as many copies as you would like.
3. Post them around your town (libraries, schools, your workplace, anywhere a free board is available).
3. Take a photo of the poster hanging up, and share it with me via email, or tweet it!

Here is the list of Peace Day Blogfest 21 September 2012 participants (more to come!):

Here is the poster: 

 Peace, Aimee