I Should Probably Update My Blog

Hello folks. It's been a while, and frankly, I don't have much to say about writing or books at all, as I have had a super duper busy month and haven't finished reading or writing anything so far in February. However, as I have had a super duper busy month, I do have other things to say.

I have some writerly good news and some writerly bad news.

The good news:

My short story "The Empty Nest" is going to be published in the Literary Lab's Variations on a Theme Anthology! As evidenced here. I am so excited and so honored! I've never been published in anything before, so this is really awesome. I'll tell you more about it when I know more about it.

The bad news:

Something happened to my computer, I think a virus, and my entire hard drive was wiped clean. Luckily I had all my big projects backed up on a flash drive, but I lost the 15,000 words that I had written in the past two months. It was tragic. But let my tragedy be a lesson for you: always back up your work, unless you want to be forced to start over on some of your proudest work.

So no new reading or writing done so far this month, but I am going to be participating in the Fourth Writers' Platform Building Campaign coming up soon, and I'm going to have my Books I Read This Month at the end of February, but it will probably more likely be The Book I Read This Month.

Peace, Aimee


  1. Your whole hard drive was wiped clean? Ouch. I've never seen a virus do that. That must be a nasty one.

  2. Yeah, backups will save you! Coincidentally, I just wrote something on that:

    If you don't have a backup plan in place, I highly suggest you do.

    Congratulations on the short story, that is exciting!

  3. Yeah it is a pretty nasty one! Thankfully I've discovered Google Docs, so I'm going to back up everything there from now on.

  4. Hi Aimee. I read your comment on the literary lab and I decided to follow your blog. (I don't meet many people with an interest in the literary genre these days so I was glad to read about your interests). I apologize for the lack of accent but I can't find it.

  5. Oh, I forgot to mention. I'm a peacemaker too.

  6. Congratulations on your short story being published.

  7. Congrats on "The Empty Nest"! That's wonderful :)

    I've been there on the computer crash thing, so you have my condolences. :) I took the whole thing in to a computer guy, and he managed to save two manuscripts I didn't have backed up, thank goodness.

  8. Hi Aimée, congratulations on getting your short story published. It must feel wonderful. Sorry to hear you lost some of your work- that's my worst nightmare. I'd like to believe everything happens for a reason, so hopefully you losing your work means you're rewrite is going to be even better. Thanks for dropping by my blog and letting me know that I'm shortlisted for round 2 of the first challenge. I was really suprised and happy to hear that.

  9. Nice to meet you. Good luck with A-Z. I look forward to your posts.