And the Winner of the Shakespearean Sonnet Contest Is...

Tyrean Martinson!

Congratulations Tyrean! Email the 2500 word excerpt of your manuscript (or whatever you would like me to critique) to whenever you’re ready.

Here is Tyrean’s winning sonnet.

Leaves flicker in winds, flames against blue sky
Reds, golds, oranges, all bright and living still
for a short time they dwell on branches high.
As the cold seeps in, bringing winter chill,
hard rains, darkening clouds like seasons’ night,
they fall in drifts of crackling wonderful
sound for our passing, joyful delight
until trampled muddy and disgraceful
when we rake them together for compost,
laid near by roots of trees and over garden beds.
Nutrients for next year’s colorful boast
sink down to rise up again overhead.
Each leaf a living miracle of life
showing promise in spite of fallen strife.


  1. Aimee - Wow! I didn't expect to win! Thank you!!! I'll send you my excerpt within the next 24 hours. Thanks!!!

    Michael - Thank you!

  2. Oh you're welcome Tyrean. You have a way with words.