Blog Festivities

I have been greatly inspired by Hills and Corkscrews, who is hosting a blogfest for teen writers. I am too old [18 and under may join; I'm 19 :( ] but I encourage you other teen writers out there to join in!

As you know, I'm really into the whole peace thing. 21 September is International Peace Day, which is adopted by all countries in the UN. I had been planning already to host a writing contest in September, but I've been thinking of making an even bigger deal of Peace Day, to spread the word to as many people as I can.

I'd just like a show of hands, I suppose. If I can organize a Peace Blogfest in September, how many of you would participate? Is this a good idea?

Actually, I'm not sure why I'm asking this as I've already decided to do it. Or at least I'm 90% sure I'm going to do it. My main concern is not getting any participants, which would pretty much suck.

Thanks for your input... :)

Peace, Aimee


  1. Yes, Watcher55, you do! :) I'm still getting some of the details sorted out, but there will definitely be artsy stuff involved, writing and otherwise. I hope that means you're interested in joining...

  2. Thanks for mentioning the blogfest!

  3. This sounds interesting. Flash Fiction, Poetry, links???
    Remind us (me) I work about 130% over the summer months, so I lose track of time now & then. :-)

  4. No problem, Brittany. :)

    And thanks to those who are interested! There will be your choice of an artsy post (poetry or flash fiction or photography or even a video). I'll post the details probably next week.

    And don't worry, Royce, I'll have a badge/button so you don't forget! :)