IWSG - To Write or to Nap, That Is the Question

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. But sometimes there’s not always a will. Sometimes I’d rather just take a nap. What do you do when you’re too braindead to write? Do you write your way through it? Do you take the nap and pick back up the next day?

I have been facing this dilemma in the past month or so, putting off starting back up again by convincing myself that next week my brain will be revived, but when next week rolls around, I’m still in the rut. Once I get the butt in the chair and start writing, though, I know it will pick back up again. It’s the first five minutes of dread that always seem to get me. Next week, though, I’ll be able to get past it, right? :)

Peace, Aimee


  1. Maybe you can split the difference? Force yourself to write for 15, 20, 30 minutes, and then take a nap? It's always good to try to keep at it, but sometimes, you *really* need to rest! :)

  2. You wrote the words. Butt in chair...

    You know what Nike says...just do it!

    Good luck.


  3. Try taking a walk or a shower, and think about your story while doing so. It might stir some creative juices, and it'll wake you up. I find my story and progress sucks if I don't want to write, so I usually do one of the two, and then I'm excited to get started again. Might work for you too. :)


  4. Go back and read a little bit of what you've already written - that might give you a shot of creativity to continue the story no matter how you feel.