IWSG - Just Doubt

For the first time, my insecurity I’m writing about in my insecure writers’ post does not stem from me not having the time, energy, or will to write. For that I am immensely grateful. Instead, my insecurity is coming from me having nothing stopping me aside from myself.

I have graduated from college, so, even though I’m now working full time, I have more time to write now than I ever have before. I’ve been slowly finishing up and removing other responsibilities in my life in order to make more room for writing and reading, essentially simplifying my life to keep myself focused. This means I have to use my time wisely, obviously.

The thing I’ve noticed about myself in this regard is that I’m a major procrastinator. I’ll look at the empty page for a minute and feel dread at writing, then go check Twitter. But, if I set my mind to it, as soon as I start writing and get a sentence or two on the page for the day, the words just spill out. It’s the starting that’s hard. The rest comes easily.

Now, though, it’s my skill that will hold me back. It’s only the “my writing’s not good enough” that’s holding me back. I have time, I have will, I have energy. It’s only my own doubt that’s preventing myself from writing, and from practicing in order to get better. I’m realizing that I was only using time and energy as excuses before. So now, I must write, and not be afraid. Maybe it will get me somewhere some day?

Peace, Aimee


  1. There must be a psyche student out there somewhere who would study this aspect of being a writer. I haven't met a writer yet who doesn't do this. Is it fear of failure? Fear of Success? I agree, too pact answers. It is complicated and I would love to finally understand why we are so hard on ourselves. Great post, Aimee. Wish I had the answers. All I really know is this will pass until the next time.

  2. I know what you mean about starting. Summer is my downtime, so I have more time to write right now too, but I'm finding it's easier for me to procrastinate just because I have more time.
    It's nice to know I'm not the only one! What a great post.

  3. Just getting started is so often the hardest part. No easy advice on that one! :)

  4. Doubt and fear...the enemy of all writers. It's easy to say "just don't be scared", but harder to accomplish. Good luck! Be brave.
    Happy ISWG Wednesday!

  5. I think we all do that procrastinating thing. Good for you for making the time and having the energy. Keep on writing. It's probably better than you think.

  6. We are always our own worst enemy. Good luck!

  7. I can always tell that I'm procrastinating instead of writing when I find myself doing the dishes.
    Keep moving forward.

  8. Write because you love it, because it's fun. Don't worry about the rest.