IWSG - MFA Program Applications

Good day all. Today is an Insecure Writers' Support Group Day, and boy am I stressing.

I'm applying this month to a handful of MFA in Creative Writing programs, in the hopes of starting one next fall. In the process of gathering and organizing, I have to choose two or three of my best short stories to send to these fairly prestigious schools. But is my best really my best? Are these few stories really representative of my potential?

Choosing the best of my writing is nerve-wracking because I know that if I do not get into a program, it is due to the writing sample: that's the part of the application they give the most weight. It is a writing program, after all. If I choose the wrong piece, the program may see it as representative of my writing ability and reject me; if I choose something that I'm not fully confident in, my fear will likely be apparent in each word of the story. The thing is, I'm not fully confident about any of my writing. But, I do know that these two or three stories are not everything I've written; they're just acting as representations of my writing on the whole. If I am rejected, it's not a rejection of me as a writer, it's a rejection based on my application. I'll write many brilliant stories afterward, whether I get into an MFA program or not. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself.

Peace, Aimee


  1. Do you have critique partners who could look over some of your stories? A second opinion might help.
    Good luck getting into the program!

  2. I think you're parting thought is a good one--if you're not accepted to a program (a big if, in the first place) it's not a judgment of you as a writer or a rejection of your potential--there are a lot of great authors who never went to school for creative writing.

    Having said that, good luck! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  3. I got into University of the Arts on the first few page of my current WIP, and that was FIRST DRAFT stuff. I've changed it about 3 times since then. lol

    I say this to say don't worry about your short stories. They will be good, and they will see your potential! If you don't make it, consider there were a lot of applicants trying to get in, and you just happened to not make it into the queue.

  4. I think you get a huge amount of credit for your bravery - just going through the applications takes courage! And I trust that there is a path that will be the right one for you, the right doors will open.

    I know it's really, really hard for me to trust the process, but I've noticed that if I can, everything seems to work out okay.

    Here's to you - putting yourself out there! Yay, Aimee! :)

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