IWSG - This Year

This is the year. That's what I tell myself every year. But this year I've decided to be more realistic. I will write, of course, but I will not pressure myself to finish the novel. This may not be the year I finish the novel and work towards its publication, but it is the year that I take myself and my abilities seriously. That's my writing (and living) resolution: be more honest with myself and others.

What about you?

Peace, Aimee


  1. You made the decision - NOW things will happen!

  2. Hi, Aimee,

    Nice to meet you and Happy New Year! New follower here.

    You are wise. Your novel must flow. You can't force it. Every writer writes in THEIR own time. So relax and the worlds will come.

    ALl the best in 2013!

  3. I can feel your decision in this. Simple and realistic.

    You go, Aimee! 2013:D

  4. Great resolution! I hope you are pleasantly surprised by how things go now that your goal is to write, rather than to pressure yourself to finish the book. :)

  5. Cheers to you, Aimee! I sat down and took myself seriously as an author last year, and it worked. I finished a draft, raised funds on kickstarter for editing & publishing, and held the book in my had by the end of the year. Empowering and centering- and really hard :)

    I wish you the best on your own journey!