Peace Activity #1

It’s time for the first peace activity! A random drawing! 

The prize is a copy of the novel Life of Pi by Yann Martel, which is my favourite book, a book about peace. It is about a 16-year-old Indian boy who is a Muslim, Christian, and Hindu simultaneously. When the boat in which he and his family were riding to Canada sinks, he is trapped on a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean with a tiger. Using a peaceful mind-set of nonviolence, he must keep himself and the tiger alive until they are rescued.

Here’s how to enter the drawing:

1 Tweet the link to the Peace Blogfest and paste the link to your tweet in the comments section of this post.

2 Post the link to the Peace Blogfest and paste the link to your post in the comments section of this post.

3 Sign up for the Peace Blogfest.

You can do one of each, which will enter you into the drawing three times, or you can do just one or two of three options if you choose. I will put all of the people into a random drawing for a chance to win a copy of Life of Pi by Yann Martel. The deadline is 19 August. I will announce the winner on 20 August.

…And go!

Peace, Aimee


  1. What a lovely thing you are doing, Aimee! I don't draw, unfortunately. I can paint with words, but my artistic ability is in the negative range.

    Trust me, I'm not kidding.

    But I really support your efforts here! :)

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