The Versatile Blogger

Hektor Karl from After Troy has given my the Versatile Blogger award. Thanks Hektor! But now I have to tell you seven things about myself, which is a bit difficult.

1. I am a serious chocoholic. Never offer me chocolate, because I will never turn it down.

2. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong country. I am obsessed with British comedy, music, writers, tea, and practically every other aspect of England's culture. It is my dream to one day live there. I have had multiple people mistake me as an English tourist; I think that's because I've unconsciously picked up a slight accent from watching too much British television.

3. I am ridiculously French and ridiculously Irish, which is an odd combination for someone ridiculously English at heart. As a matter of fact, my grandmother traced back our family tree, and it turns out I'm related to King Louis 16. You know, the one that got beheaded. One of his cousins saw the revolution coming and escaped France to Ireland.

4. I was a ballet dancer for 10 years, from ages 8 to 18. 

5. The show Grey's Anatomy is my guilty pleasure. And I may only be revealing this because the season finale is on as I am writing this, and I'm having trouble deciding what else to say about myself that doesn't have to do with writing or books. Also America's Next Top Model.

6. I played the french horn in middle school, which was quite damaging to my social life. I now play a bit the guitar and the ukulele, which is much cooler and more fun.

7. I am a vegetarian and do yoga.

I am now supposed to award some other bloggers with this award, but I have no idea who to give it to because you are all so awesome! :)

Peace, Aimee


  1. "I think I was born in the wrong country. I am obsessed with British"

    Ah, but it wouldn't be nearly so exciting if you'd been born there.

    "I was a ballet dancer for 10 years, from ages 8 to 18."

    My sister was a gymnast. She got all of the flexibility in the family. Just thinking about ballet makes my hamstrings hurt.

    "Never offer me chocolate, because I will never turn it down."

    Who turns down chocolate?!?!

    1. That's true... I wonder which country I would want to escape to if I had been born there?

      I actually pulled a hamstring, one of the many reasons why I gave up dance.

    2. Maybe France? Or the United States? :)

  2. I love it that you are so French and Irish yet love the Brits! You're like a war just waiting to happen.

  3. Loved your answers, Aimee. They made me smile the whole way through. I also admire your writing style - there's an elegance. :)

    I just discovered CHOCOLATE. I don't mean the chocolate you buy in at Safeway, I mean the specialty chocolate stores that are on my commute home. Each piece is like a melting experience on my tongue. Arrrggh. How I wish I never knew about those stores! ;)

    1. Oh thank you. Elegance is something I've been working for in my writing. :)

      Ah yes, I know of a few specialty chocolate stores. I just DIE every time I take a bite of the super-expensive-I-can-hardly-afford-it specialty dark chocolate. Now you've got my mouth watering...