I scoured my memory, my bookshelves, and the internet, but I could not find a book I've read that starts with the letter Q. I'm a bit worried about X too...

I am going to make it a personal goal for myself to find a book that starts with the letter Q, read it, and get back to you on it. And X. You can look forward to my post about these two books some time in May, probably.


Peace, Aimee


  1. The Quiet American, by Graham Greene.

    There's also Querelle, by Jean Genet, though I don't remember liking it too much, and I think I gave it away a couple of moves ago.

    There have to be a lot of books starting with 'Queen.'

    Don Quixote, if you're willing to cheat a little.

    1. HOW COULD I FORGET DON QUIXOTE?! I've read that!

      Oh, well, now that I've thought about finding a Q book, I'm kind of determined to find one. Thanks for the suggestions.