Infinite Jest

Written by genius David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest is a 1000-page-long experimental novel that tells the often humorous story of a boy's tennis camp that is located just down the road from a drug rehab center. Somewhat of a coming-of-age story, this book explores issues such as the purpose of entertainment; highly philosophical and highly recommended.

Peace, Aimee


  1. I admire DFW, and I stumbled onto a first edition of this at a book sale in Clairmont, CA (where, incidentally, he lived for a while).

    But I've never made it past the first few pages. I don't know why his fiction has never quite grabbed me. I feel like it will one of these days, but I don't know.

  2. Not heard of the writer, thanks for sharing, will check out the book. Blessings for the week, Amanda

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  3. Hi Aimee, first time visitor and great to meet you! I'm a former Michigander, born and raised in the Lansing area. Go Spartans!