Dharma Bums, The

This is one of Jack Kerouac's several semi-autobiographical novels, documenting his adventures with Buddhist nomad friends. In this book, Kerouac climbs a mountain called Desolation Peak and experiments with meditation. Like his other works, it is written in post-modernist prose and reveals his naive and sentimental nature.

I find the Beatnik lifestyle appealing in theory, as well as the spirituality that Jack Kerouac explores in this book. Kerouac was extremely insightful, and he offered a unique perspective on the world that has greatly influenced American culture. The Dharma Bums is one of my favorite books, mostly for its spiritual content.

Peace, Aimee


  1. I really liked Kerouac back when I first read him, but I've been afraid to revisit, worried it wouldn't quite hold up, and then I'd feel old. :)

  2. never heard of this book but it sounds like a good read. thanks for recommending it.

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  4. Great Post.
    Oh to have been alive in that time!
    I only recently listened to Allen Ginsberg recite Howl.
    And I have now listened to almost everything that was recorded. Some of it is quite strange... to say the least.
    Kerouac has inspired people such as Ken Kesey, Bob Dylan, Eddie Vedder, and Thomas Pynchon... just to name a few.


  5. Thanks for the tip and shout out for Jack Kerouac. This looks fascinating.

  6. I adore this novel. Jack Kerouac is one of my favorite authors :)