My Guilty Pleasure

Everyone has that guilty pleasure, don't they? Well the new season of my guilty pleasure just started on Wednesday night. America's Next Top Model. :)

There are good things and bad things about this show. The bad ones are somewhat obvious. The show focuses on consumerism, degrading women into objects to look at and admire for their appearance only. The modeling industry uses women's bodies in order to sell things: clothing, jewelry, and makeup. Expensive and useless things.

You'd think that this show would make girls feel bad about their looks and make them anorexic and stuff, but I think it has the opposite effect, mostly because of Tyra Banks. She usually picks girls with personality who aren't necessarily beautiful over girls with incredible looks who have no personality or are absolute bitches. Tyra wants to give girls confidence.

I'm really not sure why I like this show. I kind of wanted to be a model for a while, and I think I could probably do it; I think I'm pretty, though I'm probably not skinny enough to be a regular model and too skinny to be a plus size model. Plus whenever the camera is on me, the pictures turn out to be crap, even if I look great in person. I don't know how it happens...

So, what is your guilty pleasure? :)

Peace, Aimee


  1. My guilty pleasure has always been chick flicks. I search them out whenever I have a couple bucks to spare.

  2. OMG THE SEASON ALREADY STARTED? *cue surprised intake of breath*
    see, thats the con of livin in a country where the shows arrive like, two years after their original screenings. oh wells.

  3. Glee, in all it's gayness (that's probably very un-pc of me to say). But I love it.

    I also can't tear my eyes away from those TLC specials about people with half a body, tumors taking over their faces, and people who didn't realize they were pregnant until two minutes before they gave birth. Yeah, sick.

  4. Starbucks.
    I love coffee and the environment of the cafe is absolutely refreshing.